Masks ~ stay safe with style.

During the Corona virus lockdown I have been making unisex face masks fashioned from double layered 100% silk twill from Frances Nutt London pocket squares. They have an internal pocket in which you can add additional layers of disposable filtration material if desired. Each one is made at home by me using my grandmothers Singer sowing machine and hand finished with love. Beauty and Safety. Washable & Reusable.

An elegant caring gift item for family and friends. Bespoke possible features – plain black or white elastic (default recommended length of elastic is 6” or 15.5cms, 18cms also available), covered ruched elastic straps, plain elastic with adjustable soft silicon toggle (1cm long) elastic (25cms long) and a coordinated pouch to keep the mask clean whilst carrying in your bag.

Wearing a mask to cover your mouth and nose in enclosed public places can reduce the danger of droplet infection and the spread of germs providing protection for you and others whether you are commuting or visiting the grocery shop.

Please note these masks are not medically certified and are not a suitable replacement for any medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. The mask does not provide any guaranteed protection against COVID-19 and is not intended to replace other safety measures and guidelines as advised by The World Health Organization.

Available in any of these fabrics

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£5 UK
£10 Europe
£15 Rest of the World
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Depth: approx 3 ½” or 8cms depth, unfolding to 7½” or 20cms on the centre line. Width: approx. 7½” or 20cms
Elastic: Default plain elastic 15.5cms | Plain elastic 18cms | Ruched covering 15.5cms | Ruched covering 18cms | Elastic plain with adjustable silicon toggle (1cm long) Elastic (25cms long)

We recommend a gentle hand wash or machine wash with mild air dry.
We aim to dispatch masks within 7 days of order.

For hygiene reasons this item is not returnable.


Face Mask Filter Materials: Pros and Cons

Coffee filters. Readily available and disposable.

Kitchen towels. Readily available and disposable.

HEPA filters. In testing, a layer of HEPA vacuum cleaner bag seemed to perform the best. However, it is difficult to breathe through. In addition, many people have raised concerns over the safety of materials (like fiberglass) used to produce these filters. At this time I can’t recommend them.

Blue shop towels. Others have tested the efficacy of blue shop towels, like these. They look promising, but the data hasn’t been released publically or verified.

Dryer sheet or baby wipes. Because these items are coated in fragrances and other chemicals, I don’t recommend using these as a filter.

Non-woven interfacing. This has been suggested many times in the comments. I can’t find research suggesting it will help. If you choose to use interfacing, avoid the fusible/iron-on types.

Flannel or felt. These materials are not as closely woven as the cotton fabric on the outside of the mask, so it is doubtful they would improve filtration effectiveness. In addition, they may trap moisture.

One more layer of cotton fabric. The research we do have suggests that the safest and simplest option for a filter is cotton t-shirt material or tightly woven cotton fabric.